Atom Support or Not?

SixApart and TypePad may be trying to boast MT/TP plug-in developer base. But what about desktop client developer like myself? For the last week, David Stewart and I had been trying to find out more information regarding Atom API implementation and neither of us have heard a word from TypePad or Six Apart.

Problem #1: Right now it is possible to set a post’s category using the Atom API, but has not way of retrieving this category when retrieving the post from the server. Does that make any sense at all?

Problem #2: TypePad’s Atom API documentation contains a very brief mention of file upload but no example on how to use the API. We, developers, need to know what data to put into the XML document. Is it base-64? Is it some other format? We are not psychics, you know!

Before you ask me to open a help ticket with TypePad, I’ve done that last Tuesday and it is still “Awaiting Staff Response”. David Stewart has someone to pose the question to Anil Dash, and that seems to be disappeared into a black hole.

If Six Apart is committed to bring Atom API to the masses and encourages developers to migrate away from blogger/metaWeblog/MT API, they need to provide much better support! Right now, I am very reluctant to declare my ecto application as supporting Atom API when it can’t even retrieve a post category or uploading a file, let alone modifying TypeList or Photo Album.

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  1. Alex, sorry that you haven’t received an adequate response–I did get in touch with David Stewart last week to let him know the answers to the above questions, so let me know if you’d like me to send those on to you, as well. We’re still working on improving the methods of communication with developers, but if you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to email me directly.


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