Get a grip

To make sure no more accidental dropping of my Treo occurs, last week I’ve ordered the eGrips from TreoCentral. It arrived today in the mail and it is very grippy! The instruction is very clear and overall pretty easy to apply to the Treo, though one of the more elaborate piece for the left hand side and top half of the back is a bit fiddle-y to align properly. So hopefully no more Treo slipping from my hand…

New Phone

My phone carry status is now back to normal. Finally gotten tired of waiting, I called AMEX yesterday to find out the claim status. The nice lady on the phone told me that since AMEX requested my original phone, that means I will be getting my refund in my account in a week time! They could have told me that in the letter requesting my phone, because I would have gone out and got a new one then.

So I went out this lunch time and bought a new Treo. However, since I am already have call plan I don’t get the new service discount 😦 I have to pay the full retail price. Oh well, I guess I have to pay for my stupid mistake after all, just not as much as I feared in the beginning.

A Fresh Start

I’ve been trying to think of something to say that many others haven’t since the Sunday’s so-called Grand Prix race. This BBC piece sums up nicely how I’ve felt thus far. One important point is that since the inception of the breakaway series I have been more or less oppose to the idea but after this Sunday’s race I think the breakaway teams and manufacturers do have a point. The new breakaway series will be gladly welcome when it starts without Max, Bernie, & co.

Update: So now the Michelin teams are being summoned to Paris by the FIA. No doubt they will be punished for ‘bringing the sport into disrepute’, an ambiguous phase favour by the FIA/Max Mosley. The teams will get off lightly if a hefty fine imposed. But more likely, their points from the last race will also be deducted to aid Ferrari’s championship hope. Let’s see if my prediction comes true.

Update 2: So the new phase is "acts prejudicial to the interests of competition or motor sport generally.". I wasn’t too far off, was I?

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Mr. A-Z

The supporting act for last night’s Alanis Morissette concert, which by the way was great, was Jason Mraz. Me, not being up-to-date with the latest music trend, didn’t know who he is. But I was impressed by his music and his wit* that I am going to spend money on a actual CD, despite his songs/albums are available on iTunes Music Store Jason Mraz. Can’t get myself to subject his music to lowly 128 kbps AAC encoding…

* At one point between songs, he stared into the distance and said “So this is what I dropped out of musical theatre school for!” A pause (while we laughed), “You guys are paying for my failure!”

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