Fixes for my gadget-less status

To keep my brain active for the next few months until the P900 arrives in the US as well as for the next two weeks while I am working in Portland, I am planning to do the followings:

1. Develop a ZeroConf (otherwise known as Rendezvous) library in .NET/C#.
2. Using this library, develop a Window instant messaging client that will work with iChat over ZeroConf/Rendezvous. I will call this application, uChat.
3. Play with the CommuniCam for my T68i that I just got from eBay. Here is a picture of my TiBook with the urban MacSkinz.


Go West

Looks like I will be traveling to Oregon this Sunday for two weeks on business, again. No worry about blogging though, as I would be taking both my work PC laptop and my TiBook with me. It always amuses me to see the faces of airport security screeners when I pull two laptops out from my bag for X-Ray. Leah will probably fly out to visit for one of the weekend while I am there.


As I was doing an inventory of my belongings before I left the office this evening, I realized how absurd the amount, in value, of things I take with me everyday. Here are the usual suspects:

1. Cellphones (one for work, one for personal)
2. PDA
3. iPod
4. Leather briefcase (to carry all these things in)

As well as these, my other valuables include my wallet, watch and glasses. And this is on a day when I am not taking my work laptop with me.

If you tell someone on the street that you are carry more than $1000 in cash on you, that person will say you are nuts! Not so if that $1000 is converted into gadgets and clothes/jewelries. It’s a crazy world we live in.

Panther gripes

After using Panther normally for a day, so far I’ve found a few things that annoy the hell out of me. None of them are Apple’s own fault, mind you. They are all third party software that has not been updated for Panther.

1. Mouse scroll wheel support. With my Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer driver installed. I can use all five buttons. But the scroll wheel does not scroll whole page. It can only scroll lines. The driver software suddenly does not offer the option to change either! Strange.

2. Safari Enhancer is not Panther compatible. This means I haven’t been able to remove the link underlining in Safari. My eyes are just not used to seeing underline on links after so many years of not seeing them.

Apart from these two, I think Panther is one of the best OS I’ve used so far.

Update: I’ve found out how to get page scrolling with the MS mouse driver. Apparently if I set the vertical scroll speed option to fastest it equals to page scrolling! How confusing!

Update 2: Safari Enhancer has been updated to be Panther compatible so no more underlined links!

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