Portrait of the Lady of the House

I noticed a box of slides near the back of my desk today and decided to see what is in there. Turns out it is the same box of slides of Red Hook photos but then I realize the later 1/3 of the roll are all photos of Leah; taken over a year ago. So I dug out the scanner software and here is the best one in the series.


Looks like I have not lost my touch in photography yet…

Acronym madness

While I was reading Tom Clancy’s The Teeth of the Tiger on my return flight to New York, something kept grabbing my attention. In the book, Tom Clancy kept using the phrase ‘ATM machine’. Come on Tom, surely a techno-thriller writer like yourself won’t make this basic english mistake? ATM stands for ‘Automatic Teller Machine’, so what does ATM machine means then? ‘Automatic Teller Machine Machine’?

I guess people in general do not care what the acronym stands for as long as they know what they mean. For example, news reader on TV often refers surface-to-air missile as SAM missile. Or PIN as PIN number. Duh!

What a waste of money!

Apparently, due to Ron Dennis’s infinite wisdom McLaren is going to retain David Coulthard for another year! This is his 9th season with McLaren and he has still yet to win a World Championship, despite the fact McLaren had, in the past, provided the fastest car to him designed by Adrian Newey. And remember those cars had to be faster than the Ferraris by a large margin to offset their Schumancher advantage! And yet David Coulthard had only been driving like a second rated driver that he is.

Ron, stop wasting your money on this pretender and get someone like Montoya or Villeneuve! McLaren needs another Hakkenen-like driver. I know you have Raikkonen and he has blond hair, all ice cool and all that, but he is not experienced enough to take on Schumacher yet.

Democrat in disguise?

First Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to run for the governor of California as a Republican when his power base, the Kennedy family, is Democrat. Now even actor Rob Lowe joins his campaign, who is also a Democrat.

Is Arnie really just a Democrat in disguise? I don’t know enough to past judgement but it just make the whole process more entertaining. Not to mention that Rob Lowe may have confused his West Wing role with real life. What’s he going to do next? Sleep with a high class call girl?

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