NetNewsWire 2 Public Beta!

I’ve been using a very old NNW2 beta and the difference between that and this public one are huge! Very much polished. I haven’t tried out the new weblog editor, MarsEdit, yet but from the screen shots it looks very similar to ecto 2 but with less advanced features (noticeably the WYSIWYAG mode). Of course, I will be sticking with ecto anyway for the obvious reason. 🙂

[composed and posted with ecto 2]

Is stylish cordless phone impossible to find in U.S.?

Back when Leah and I lived in London, we had a very stylish Samsung cordless phone that was direct desendent of a Samsung’s cellphone.

However, since I moved to the U.S. over three years ago I have not been able to find a single good looking, stylish cordless phone anywhere. Just take a look of what is available on Amazon, and compare with what we used to have.

This Siemen cordless phone is the closest I’ve found so far.

So if there are any other that are even close to the Samsung in terms of styles and functionality that are available in the U.S., let’s hear about it!

Windows == Beta Software?

Analyst firm Garner has confirmed what I (and most people in the software industry) knew and felt for years, that we should all treat Windows as beta software.

A rule of thumb that I was told many years ago was that it always take Microsoft three versions of any products before it is usable. Just look at the original Windows, version 3.1 was the one most adapted. Then the next phase was the Windows 9x series which accumulate to Windows Me. Then the “proper” OS that was NT. Ignoring NT 3.5 for good reasons, it was Windows XP that gained most users’ trust and started the migration from Win9x to full 32 bit OS.

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