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You may have noticed that my blog now spots its own domain name, I don’t know why I haven’t gotten the domain name before as it is inexpensive and only need to setup once.

Now, if TypePad will support more sub-domains (other than www) for domain mapping then I can map to my photo albums.

Update: It turns out that TypePad can take sub-domain (so to speak) when mapping domain. It is just that the instruction on their page is very, very misleading and implies that only www can be mapped. So, now my development blog is mapped to Neat!

One more thought on photoblogging

Another thing that kind of bug me about this evening photoblogging presentation is that I can, and am (I feel), as good if not better than most of the photographers presenting their work. Just because I don’t promote my photos on or I didn’t have the time to go on photo expedition everyday for the last 18 months doesn’t mean I am lesser photographer than them. But yet, they get the fame and glory and I am just the geek sitting in the chair enduring 2 hours of awful photos show.

Bio-rhythm or just straight feeling down?

Not that I believe in bio-rhythm but the last two weeks haven’t been that great for me. Nothing particularly bad happened, just nothing great happened either. I started a new job, got new glasses, got a new home theatre system, and released my own software. What more can a man want? I hear you ask.

Well, I am still trying to fit in at my new work environment. Still feeling like an outsider from time to time. I am also no longer the domain expert/leader of the development team so I am not feeling ‘needed’, I guessed. The home theatre system is great but I started having a ringing noise in my left ear the same day the system was delivered. Talk about irony! Couple both of these with the very non-existence demand of my blogging software (though there is a very promising lead developing) and you can see how an optimist like myself can feel a bit down.

May be dinner with my friend Wendy, who had just came back from two weeks of vacation in Florence, tomorrow evening will lift my spirit. Or I can try the material route and order the new cell phone tomorrow when I get paid. Or better yet, the tax software will arrive new week, I can file my tax return and get some money (well, more than some) back from IRS!

Photobloggers at SoHo

Leah and I will be at the New York City PhotoBloggers event in Apple SoHo store tonight. There should be a few TypePad users there as well. And if I am really lucky, I may even get to talk to Mena or Ben Trott from Six Apart! Watch this space…

Update: No Mena or Ben 😦 Only a Six Apart employee who did a great presentation. (I wasn’t able to post straight from Apple Store due to my own stupid mistake while syncing my cell phone this morning. I mistakenly checked the “Only synchronize contacts with phone numbers” option and lost the address book entry of TypePad’s moblogging email address.)

New York City Photoblogger at Apple Store

Very interesting presentation from the rest of the photobloggers. It is rather fascinating that all these people who has a large amount of expressive creativity but they can’t make a half decent presentation!

OmniWeb 5 beta 2

Curiosity gets the better of me and I downloaded beta 2 of OmniWeb 5 last night. (Camino nightly is busted since 2/19 kind of help my curiosity too!)

Beta 2 is definitely a big improvement over beta 1, as it no longer crashes easily though it still crashes on some situation. There are still a large number of known issues and bugs but right now beta 2 is good enough for me to try using it as my default browser over Safari. The tabs implementation is very interesting and the ads-blocking is really good. The two features that I really like are the Site Preferences (you can set individual settings for each sites) and RSS feed detection.

If and when OmniWeb uses the latest WebKit from Apple (it is still on v85, i.e. Safari 1.1) I will definitely tempted to pay for this browser.

Update: Spoke way too soon. OmniWeb has been crashing throughout the day. Must have crashed at least 5 times today already. Back to Safari…

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