QotD: I’m Not Telling

What question do you hate being asked?

"Say something in Chinese!"

Why ask me to speak Chinese when no one would understand? I don't see people ask similar question when they meet a French or German person for the first time. You think this is not racial discrimination? Wait till you travel to Asian and a bunch of Indian/Chinese/Japanese keep asking you to speak English in their native language…

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The food Usual Suspects

Due to the crappy business practice in the food industry here in the UK, I've been dying to get back to New York and enjoy great food at reasonable price, at reasonable hours. (Wagamama closed at 8PM on Sunday in central London near Victoria Station? No fish & chips? No sushi? Pizza Hut delivery costs $30+? WTF?)

So here is the list of NYC restaurants that Missus H. and/or I frequent, and I'll make a point of visiting in Jan:

  • Les Halles – best French fries there is! The steaks are great too!
  • Blue Ribbon Sushi – smaller portion than usual but fresh fish.
  • Johnny Rockets – Burger + fries + milk shakes = heart attack. But I'll die happy!
  • Sapporo – Best Japanese noddles in Midtown. Try the curry beef soap ramen and you will be nice and warm for the cold winter NYC walk. You know it is authentic when the staff is not faux-Japanese (i.e. Chinese).
  • Alfama – our favorite restaurant. Great seasonal Portuguese food with fantastic wine list. I prefer Port though and they have plenty of great ones 🙂
  • Congee Village – Where else can you get authentic Chinese food (not takeout variety) at really cheap price?
  • Blue Smoke – decent BBQ. Not proper BBQ triangle stuff but good for the NE.
  • L'Express – good French snack food. Always very busy on the weekend or week day lunch time.
  • Baluchis – decent Indian food. Not authentic like from Bangalore but hey that's OK.
  • Dos Cominos – nice Mexican food. Freshly made guacamole right in front of you. What can beat that!?
  • Pylos – fantastic Greek food. Best desert, EVER!

Actually the list can goes on forever but I think I've made my point! Don't think that I am dissing UK's restaurants in general, just that I think more should be opened on Sunday evening! And of course London is the only city where there are more than one Gordon Ramsay restaurants for us to eat at!

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Eat healthier Chinese food

CNN has a piece on unhealthy Chinese food which starts off with sensational news then tempered with:

The group found that not much has changed since it examined Chinese food 15 years ago. That's not all bad, Liebman said.

were glad not to find anything different," she said. "Some restaurant
food has gotten a lot worse. Companies seem to pile on. Instead of just
cheesecake, you get coconut chocolate chip cheesecake with a layer of
chocolate cake, and lasagna with meatballs."

But the funny kicker is at the end where they give out 'advices' on healthier Chinese food:

Hold the sauce, and eat with a fork or chopsticks to leave more sauce behind.

I don't know about you, but how else would you eat Chinese food but using a fork or chopsticks? Spoon like a baby?

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Goldfish memory

So the stereotype image of average American is right, they do have goldfish memory. From CNNMoney:

American consumers have reinforced all the stereotypes they are labeled
with: short attention spans, lack of social consciousness and thinking
with their wallets.

You know, I am ashame of being a British passport holder for all the sins they committed back in the 19th and early 20th century. I am also ashame of being born Chinese for what Mao had done to our own people during the 20th century. And now I am going to be ashame (in advance) of living in America for all of your excesses and inconsideration for the Earth and its inhabitants.

The supply of oil is not limitless but apparently the current
generation of Americans is all too willing to exhaust it by buying more
vehicle than they need and letting their children and grandchildren
fend for themselves.

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