It’s all about the details

During the holiday season last year, I traded in my Golf GTI for a Acura TSX Sport Wagon. Acura, being a luxury brand, means even the base model has lots of features and plenty of attention paid to details. Even though I miss the ‘pocket rocket’ power and handling of the GTI, the TSX is no slouch either despite much longer, heavier and with less torque from the engine. It still drives great and the multi-link suspensions handle bumps way better than the GTI, which become more important with two sleeping babies in the backseats. The increase of trunk space (more than 3X the space GTI has) is the feature that both Leah and I love.

However, couple of minor details remains to be improved by Acura:

  1. There is no way for me to change the temperature gauge from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Why? The Canadian version of TSX uses Celsius, so why not offer a configuration setting to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius?
  2. This is the first car I own that has seat memory and it has been so useful when I park in the city. The parking attendent always move the seat back and changes the mirror (to aid the tight parking no doubt). Before I always had to spend a few minutes in the GTI to adjust the seat, the mirror, etc. back to my settings. Now in the TSX, I just push a button and the seat moves back to my preferred position automatically. But not the mirrors. What? Surely that must be a mistake?

Acura, to their credit, has been pretty responsive when I voice my complain on Twitter. They even have someone phone me to follow up and promise my opinion is taken seriously. Would my complain change the next generation of TSX? Perhaps, or perhaps not. We’ll see in four years time when the car lease expires and it’s time for me to look for a replacement.

My Golf GTI

Ever since I bought the Golf GTI back in March I always planned to take photos of it with nice background. It finally took Leah being stranded in the UK by volcano ash and a burst of sunny weather today to get me to do it.

All of them are taken using my Canon 50D with 50mm f1.8, handheld. This is also the first time I used Aperture 3 in a more in-depth editing role. The brush-in adjustment feature is absolutely awesome!

The whole collection is on Flickr but here are a sample:

Front view

Rear view
GTI badge

First in 10 years

Ever since I moved to New York City back in 2001, I never have the need to own a car like I used to in the UK because of the great and inexpensive public transport here. But because of the new job that I’ve just taken which is located just outside New York City, near White Plain, my commute time would be around an hour and forty minutes each way via three separate trains.

The solution to spending over three hours commuting each day is to own a car for the first time in 10 years! Granted it would cost more to maintain the car (payment, parking, gas, toll, etc.) but instead of three hours my commute time by car is now halved! As they say, time is money, and in this case I feel it is worth it.

So from the last car:

To the latest:

No Rest For The Wicked

Busy week this one…

  • Tuesday – See A Scanner Darkly, still trying to read as much of the book as possible before seeing movie.
  • Wednesday – Softball game for me, hairdresser for Leah
  • Thursday – Haircut for me before the weekend. Leah's work summer party. Wine tasting or something. WooHoo, I feel so sophisticated… NOT!
  • Friday – Day off work. Flying to Denver, CO for a friend wedding this Sunday. BBQ at bride's mother house in the evening.
  • Saturday – Round of golf with my friend and his family.
  • Sunday – Wedding.
  • Monday – Fly back to NYC.

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