Tiger envy

According to UPS, my copy of Tiger is still 5 days away. It is on time to be delivered on May 5th. My friend Jeronimo already received his copy on Friday and installed on his wife’s 12″ AlBook yesterday. I bet he will get it installed on his Mac Mini today. Arrgghhhh! The new 100GB hard drive and a drive enclosure (for the existing 40GB hard drive that is in the PB right now) are sitting quietly in the box. I wish I have my copy so I can install my new hard drive in my PowerBook and install Tiger on it.

Can’t wait to use the new Mail.app and Dashboard, though I am not overly excited by Spotlight, Automator, or even iChat AV but I am sure I will find them useful from time to time.

The Quartz Composer from Xcode 2 sounds very interesting, with the capability of allowing regular users to create new screen saver without writing a single line of code. Got to get me some of that 🙂

Day Off

Last week I’ve finally reached the point where I need to take some time off work. So I took today off and the plan was to play the new Halo 2 maps in the morning and then work on ecto after lunch.

The new Halo 2 maps are fantastic! Slayer games in Warlock is just absolutely bloody fucking insane! Lots of dark corners to ambush people and with the newly rebalanced weapons damage, lots of grenades were thrown. Not to mention tonnes of close quarter combat with the loser being beat down.

Containment is huge! CTF or Assault game will be great with all three types of vehicles (Warhog, Banshee, and Scorpion!) available. Lots of sniping and rocket action.

I haven’t played Turf with any other players yet (I played Warlock and Containment in custom games with people from XBox Live) but Turf’s layout will be perfect for ambushes. Lots of above street level hiding places where the attacker can be easily caught in cross fires from multiple directions.

As for ecto development, I managed to fix a few minor bugs but I got bogged down with setting up a MT test environment as well as a corrupted Thunderbird profile. This requires me to start with a brand new profile and download all the emails again from the server. Not a big deal? It is when you have 4000+ spam emails that I don’t but do want to download again. I don’t because it takes so long and so much bandwidth, but I do because I want to train the Thunderbird Junk filter with these spam emails. Thunderbird also seems to have problem with recognising spam emails that I’ve already downloaded so it tries to download all 4000+ of them again every 15 mintues! In the end, I went to the server and deleted all of them. I hate POP3 email server, why can’t we all have IMAP email server (like .Mac?).

This Week

Went to the theatre with Leah last Wednesday to see Denzel Washington in Julius Caesar. Very disappointing performance. You can read about it more on Leah’s blog.

Got the second instalment of the promised bonus from work this Friday. About bloody time too since we’ve slaved our winter away for this piece of ultra exciting (not) tax software.

I also played our first game of softball at Central Park this Friday. Managed to get two real good hits of the ball, both to the outfield. The first one got caught out so I didn’t even make it to first base. The second one didn’t but I was too ambitious while my legs wasn’t obeying commands from my brain to sprint faster, so I got tagged out near second base. Then when I was fielding first base, I caught this fast ball from second base and tagged out a guy. Felt great when it all came together, which can be rare 🙂 I also took my camera with me but my sport photography instinct must have been on vacation as I was more concerned with watching my team’s action than taking photos of it!

This afternoon (opps, yesterday afternoon) Leah and I went to a free taping of a HBO comedy show called ‘One Night Stand’ at NYU. Ok performance from Caroline Rea and acceptable from Omid Djalili. We’ve seen Omid Djalili before last year at the West Beth Theatre so many of his jokes are not new to us. One interesting thing though, why does people has the compulsive desire to give standing ovation? Isn’t standing ovation reserves for the exceptional performance? Or is this, as Leah calls it, an American Idol thing where everyone should get a standing ovation so they won’t feel left out? I am all for fairness in life but this borders on delusional for the performer. Anyway, so we may be on TV sometimes this summer around June/July, even for a briefest moment. Surely this must be a slightly longer appearance than the one my friend Paul and I made on Canadian’s equivalent of MTV last summer when the camera paned very quickly over our heads as we watched from the street.

Was going to play tennis tomorrow in Jersey City but the rain and a late night Halo gaming put pay to that…

Tiger is coming

I’ve placed my order of Tiger this evening from Amazon (actually it was Leah who placed the order since she had more items to buy verses my one). However, that also means that I’ll have to get a new hard drive for my PowerBook before it arrives. Right now it has just under 4GB of free space left which should just be enough for a upgrade install, at least according to Apple. That won’t do at all since there will be no free space to store any future digital photos, so a new 80GB drive it is. Hopefully the promised second bonus from work will materialise soon…

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