Sustainable Design

David and I were IMing this afternoon and during our discussion, he mentioned to me that there are supplimentary podcasts for the design: e² on iTunes! One of the thing that caught my eyes as I browse through the design: e² web site is this bit:

More than 23 billion square feet of residential floor space was built in China from 1997 to 2005. That's three times the total amount of office space in the entire United States.

Looked at another way, China will have built the equivalent of 21 Manhattan in eight year.

Is this sustainable?

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Day of upgrades

Eiron and I took a late flight to Houston, Texas last night for a friend's wedding. We landed at around 11PM and when we got to the car rental agent, we were first offered the SatNav (which I happily accepted) and then an upgrade from the intermediate size car to full size (which I declined). The agent gave me the car upgrade for free anyway so that was nice! (I generally hate American car but this Chrysler 300 Touring is pretty nice, for an American car! Handling pretty good for its size, and the engine and transmission is sporty.)

Then when we got to the hotel, it turned out that they were fully booked and there was no room for us. Apart from the president suite, that is! So we were upgraded to the president suite for our stay which we find out is about 20 times what we paid for our room. The suites is bloody huge! There are living room, conference room, two bathrooms, bedroom, and even a small kitchen!

Now all we need is for Continental to upgrade our return flight to NY…

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