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If you have used Outlook 2003 for email, you will inevitably have encountered the new email notification pop-up window. It’s one of the better GUI design Microsoft has came up with and the transparency option makes it easy on the eyes too.

Now similar notification can be added to OS X’s with Mail.appetizer. Give it a try, I like it so far. Though I would like to see options to set the border/margin size of the window. It is a bit thick for my liking.

Another six months?

I prefer non-fiction over fiction books, and thus I tend to know a bit of everything. However with the U.S. presidential election in November coming up, there are almost nothing but pro/anti-Bush books on display in the non-fiction section of Barnes & Noble! Do I really have to endure another six months of not having many new non-fiction books that have nothing to do with Bush or Kerry?

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No longer tethered!

Ever since one of Apple’s Jaguar update (I think it was 10.2.6) zapped my PowerBook’s battery life from 3+ hours to just under 1:30+, my PowerBook has more or less tethered to the power socket. More so for the last few months when the battery lasts no longer than 40 minutes!

Well no longer as I received in the mail a pretty much brand new battery today, purchased on eBay for less than $35! Now I am happily composing this post untethered and the battery indicator reads 3:01 remaining, with 30 minutes usage already!

Long live eBay!

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iPod faux pas

Living near and working in Manhattan, the capital of white headphones (with the possible exception of San Francisco?), there are many faux pas committed by iPod users. Here are a few example:

– After spending their hard earned cash on a iPod/mini, the owners decide to use the crappy headphones that they used to use on their portable CD players. Even the Apple headphones are way better than these…

– iPod headphones are shaped so one can figure out which one is for left or right easily. Yet, many iPod owners (I’d ventured about 50%) wear their headphones the wrong way around!

– A minority of iPod mini owners hand carry their music players still inside the belt clip! Note to these owners: if you are going to show off your iPod mini, leave the belt clip on your belt or handbag!

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