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Thirty five of you visitors had voted and here is the result:


So it is a dead heat between Las Vegas and NYC. Since we are living next to Manhattan, that rules NYC out 🙂 The surprise result is the lack of interest in Washington D.C. Personally, I would love to spend a week down in D.C. just going to all the museums and places of interest.

Anyway, Leah and I decided that we will go to Florida at the end of November to relax for a week. We can go to the Rocket Garden in the Kennedy Space Center, I can play some golf, Leah can spend some time in the spa, etc. I definitely need it since I’ve been working 11 months straight (barring a few days off here and there).

Thank you for voting.

Need to start saving up for new phone

According to InforSync World, the new P810 was accidentally exposed by Orange in the U.K. SonyEricsson themselves didn’t help by posting the P810 Flash movie on its web site either. So now that the P810/900 is for real, I guess I have to start saving for this phone. Although it is expensive (~$700-$800 unsubsidized) it does mean that I can take only one device with me instead of the current two. Also if one considers the combine prices of both a decent cell phone (~$200) and a decent colour PDA ($400-$500), it means that I am not really paying that much extra for the convenience. I just have to find someone to buy the Sony NX60 and T68i from me when the time comes.

TV Season Premiere Roundup

Enterprise: Kind of OK. Hate the new theme song style. Not inspiring at all.
The West Wing: Decent. Up to expectation. John Goodman is indeed ‘very presidential’.
ER: So so. Nice to see more nationalities in the series (or any US TV series, period).
CSI: Great cliffhanger! And it is not in the last episode of the season.
Friends: Funny enough, considering it is in its tenth season.
Coupling: Premiered last Thursday. I didn’t watch it as it clashed with CSI. But I know for a fact that it won’t be as good as the original British series, so not much point watching it…

One year on…

and Leah and I have been married for an year! We exchanged gifts last night (we couldn’t wait for today!).

Leah gave me a book about the Shackleton’s expedition to the South Pole,“The Endurance: Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition” by Caroline Alexander, Frank Hurley (Photographer)

From me, I bought Leah a pair of Tiffany’s earrings.

And tonight we are going to this Greek restaurant for our anniversary dinner.

DSL vs. Cable

Earlier this week Cablevision called me up and asked whether I am interested in trying out their cable internet service (Optimum Online) for free (for the first month). I gave in too quickly and thus the self-installation kit arrived on Wednesday night. Hooked it up within 30 minutes and that included relocating my Airport Base Station from the bedroom, where the DSL connection is, to the living room, where the cable connection resides.

I was pretty impressed initially. Speed is noticeably faster (~1.5Mbps vs. just below 1Mbps for Verzion) and for the price quoted to me ($29.99/month) it is $5 cheaper than VerizonDSL per month. Then I found out it is too good to be true. Optimum Online’s newsgroup support is dismal, crap, shit! And in researching this problem (I thought it may be my connection or setup) I’ve found that the $29.99/month price is only for the first 6 months. After that, it is back to $44.99/month!

So naturally, I swapped the connection back to VerizonDSL last night and I am going to pack up all the cable modem kit next week and send it back to Cablevision.

One good thing did come out from this experience, I’ve started to stop using my Verizon email address for any web site log in or user ID. Instead, I switched as many IDs as I know to my address. This way, even if I do change ISP I won’t end up with not receiving any notification emails or similar.

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