QotD: New Car

If you were forced to buy a new car today, what kind of car would you get?

It has to be a hybrid, at the minimum.

Realistically a Toyota Prius. While the current model looks fine, I much prefer the 2010 model which looks much more muscular and sporty.
Unrealistically, a Tesla Roadster. Or better yet the forthcoming Tesla Sedan, though it looks like production would be delayed due to recent economy crisis.
Chevy Volt gets a honourable mention because it is all electric and looks pretty nice. I'd hold off buying one until GM proves that they can change their wasteful ways and more importantly, that quality control is up to par along side Toyota.

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QotD: I’m Not Telling

What question do you hate being asked?

"Say something in Chinese!"

Why ask me to speak Chinese when no one would understand? I don't see people ask similar question when they meet a French or German person for the first time. You think this is not racial discrimination? Wait till you travel to Asian and a bunch of Indian/Chinese/Japanese keep asking you to speak English in their native language…

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QotD: Education, Occupation

What was your major or field of study in college? Did you wind up working in that field or using that degree? If not, what field have you wound up in?
Submitted by sneuf.

When I was growing up as a child in Hong Kong, I was fascinated by the education programmes the government put on the TV in the afternoon. I kept watching the same maths and science programmes and amazed by how science seems to have an answer for every questions, or at least seemed that way to me back then.

So when it was time to pick the subject to study in university, there was never a doubt that I wanted to study physics. (Chemistry and biology are for wimps who can’t handle the maths!) I was (and still am) pretty handy with maths but some of the more abstract stuff bores me 🙂 Unfortunately this applies to physics too and when the last year of the course came around, I was more interested in computer programming than quantum physics, thermodynamics, and solid state physics.

But the analytical skills that the physics course had taught me had left me in good steed. It was exactly the right type of skills to have at the right time when I graduated. The computer industry started looking for scientists and engineers for programming jobs instead of just computer science graduates because we were perceived as more rounded.

So here I am, working as a software engineer with one of the leading edge software company in the US. Can’t be that bad, huh? I bet my uncle, who was actually a proper physicist and advised my parents against me studying physics, would have to eat some humble pie too.

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