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One of my Rome photo has been selected for use in a free travel guide/map software, Schmap. My photo can be seen in the Piazza San Pietro section in the Directory->Sights & Attraction. Wait for the photos to rotate on the top right to see mine.

More of my photos have been shortlisted for Venice and Washington D.C. so may be they will be chosen too!

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Another boring gadgets roundup

As Leah said, I haven’t been blogging much lately. No particular reasons but may be that is it. I didn’t find anything particularly interesting to blog about.

But today I received the new external hard drive I ordered earlier this week. As I discussed before this is part of my backup requirement. So now I have two drives, one 160GB and one 80GB. Plenty enough storage for all three laptops in the apartment. Now I just need to get myself a copy of Norton Ghost to mirror my PC laptop drive.

Inside the Amazon package I’ve also ordered a newer version of the D-Link USB Bluetooth adapter that I already own. This one allow me to use the bluetooth headset for Skype which the old one doesn’t.

And finally, I’ve decided that I won’t get a XBox 360 until Halo 3 is out. So I bought the latest XBox Toca Race Driver 3 so I have a good driving game to hold me out until Halo 3.

Unfortunately I’ll have to work weekends until the end of the month to push out a software release at work. That means less time for TV, games, and more importantly, development work on ecto. Talk of the devil, ecto 2 is close to be beta ready. I just need to finish up with the new installer and I can put it out there for testing! Very exciting.

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Scones with Jams and Cream

Scones with Jams and Cream

Leah baked some scones for our DVD watching session tonight (an episode of Hustle and then Midnight Express). They came out really well so she wanted a photographic record of them. I was more than happy to oblige since it let me take me much neglected camera out. (Note to self: must do more photography when weather turns better)

Oh, and they tasted great!

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