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Finally got around to add these links:
– My Photo Gallery
– Our Hong Kong Wedding Photos
– Our UK Wedding Photos

These links are also on the navigation bar on the right hand side in case you didn’t notice.

Season Finales

Star Trek: Enterprise – Pretty Good, more T’Pol next season… Yum
ER – Good but a bit boring
The West Wing – Fantastic! Oh my God… I have to say, I guessed the ending when the kidnapping happened on the second last episode. John Goodman turning up was a surprised though.


Of course Leah and I watched The Matrix Reloaded last Thursday when it came out in the States. I actually was visiting my company HQ in Hillsboro, OR in the beginning of last week. So I elected to fly a red eye flight back from the west coast on Wednesday night so that I could see the movie on Thursday. Talk about dedication.

Back to the movie though, it is pretty good. The fight scenes are definitely much more intense but overall, it is not as impressive as the original. It doesn’t help with all those double talk and then a long semi-monologue near the end of the film that confuse the hell out of everybody.

Can’t wait for the next one.

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