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Leah and I watched the An Inconvenient Truth this afternoon. It was both nothing new and revelation to me. Nothing new because all the facts Al Gore presents in the movie, I’ve previously read in New Scientist over the course of perhaps a decade. Revelation because having Al Gore summarised all the facts and evidences in a coherent argument brings a much greater impact than each individual items.

Definitely a must see movie of this decade, along side Syriana, and Fahrenheit 9/11.

As for how carbon neutral we are, using the Carbon Calculator, Leah and I are both emitting less than the national average (9900 for me, 13000 for Leah, US national average is 15000 pound/year). This is still much higher than I thought we are emitting, taking into account of us not owning a car and having a very small electricity bills. The majority of our emission is from the trans-Atlantic flights that we take to UK every year. I guess we just have to cut down our European visit in the name of saving the planet!

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Best Job

According to CNNMoney today, I have the best job in America. Beating, what I called, the three acronym, Q.C. (#37), M.D. (#30), and M.B.A. (#whatever).

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Terrorist Attack Foiled

By now I am sure a lot of you (at least in the U.S.) had heard about the foiled terrorist attack on L.A. by the U.S. government in 2002. But apparently the CIA didn’t know about it. What I think happened is that Jack Bauer from CTU LA foiled the attack while he was on vacation so no one knew about it.

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Stop Pretending, please

I know the idea of introducing a identity card in the UK is very controversial but pretending that Hong Kong only has recently been issuing ID card to the residents is re-writing history!

The Smart ID card referred in the BBC article is a new card with digital certificate, and that enable it to be used with post office and other commercial outlets. However, the permanent ID card has been issued by the British Government in Hong Kong since 1950s(?) and every Hong Kong residents are required to carry it at all time. I had (still have?) one since I was around 8 and had lost and replaced it twice. In fact, a number ‘2’ is appended to the end of my ID card number to indicate that. I have used this permanent ID card for immigration point at the Hong Kong airport many times in the last decade so this is not new either!

So the British Government please stop pretending that you have no prior experience in the subject of ID card, or how to efficiently issue and maintain 6+ million ID cards. Just ask your colleagues at the Foreign Office.

Of course the British Government won’t have any experience in the privacy issue in Hong Kong since that was hardly a consideration when ID card was introduced there all those years ago!

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Can someone call the man in white coat please and take Pat Robertson & Bill O’Reilly (second last item of the page) away?

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Embedded Journalism

Normally I don’t discuss anything politics related here. But I can’t help but have to mention this great blog by a photographer/journalist who had been embedded with the US Army in Mosul, Iraq since beginning of this year.

Go read his entries, most of them are long but well worth the time, and see the side of the story in Iraq that you won’t normally get from the mass US media.

I started reading this blog when someone in the office emailed me about a journalist who, when shot at, picked up the rifle and shot back. It was an griping post but what has kept me going back is the story of the war as seen from the ground and how much we are not told by the media. No surprise there.

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Arab responses

I wish main stream America news outlet reports more of how the Arab world reacts to yesterday London’s attack. CNN has one report, which is one more than the rest that I’ve searched (MSNBC, FOX, ABC).

Oh I forgot, balanced and objective journalism is part of the "liberal media conspiracy", right?

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One of the victims of the cut throat nature of today’s internet business is server and bandwidth capacity. To minimise cost, most (if not all) internet companies tend to provide the least amount of server and bandwidth capacity while satisfying their customers. Very understandable strategy since neither of them are cheap to come by. But when major world event like today’s London bombing occurs, the lesser prepared companies falter.

TypePad hosted blogs seem to be marginally slower today, as is their management site. Blogger seems to be fine.

Technorati and Flickr are hit the hardest with neither of them serving any real content for most of the day. Technorati doesn’t return any search results, while Flickr is having a “massage” at the moment.

Of course, I am speaking purely from an average internet user point of view. I don’t have any empirical data to back up my claim but it is interesting nonetheless.

Update: BBC News has an article about increased usage.


Woke up to the news of the terrorist attack in London. Our TV has been on BBC America constantly and the TV footage are disturbingly spooky. It is because we watched a BBC drama “Dirty War” on BBC America this weekend. Although today’s attacks do not involve radioactive material, the scenes of fire service and ambulances from the real TV footage are almost straight out from the drama. And I hope the Met is more prepared in dealing with this attack than in the drama.

Whatever that may not be achieved in the G8 Summit at Gleneagle, at least the G8 leaders are trying to do something better for the world. What do bomb explosions killing innocent people, paralysing London transport system, and disrupting G8 meeting achieve?

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