What style?

On a rare occasion where I actually accompanied Leah to the super market today I spotted this while we walked down the frozen food isle, French Style Croissant. What style? Isn’t croissant from France? I am not aware there is another style of croissant. Chinese style croissant, anyone?

Hot, cold, boiling, freezing…

One of the strangest thing here in Oregon that I’ve found is that all the air conditioned premises are very cold. And it is not just the nice-and-dry comfortable cold. It is a freeze-my-butts-off cold, that makes you put on sweater or jumper after staying indoor for more than five minutes!

Why the hell do the Oregonian need to be that cold in the summer? One of my work colleague jokes that the cold AC remains them of winter! Funny but not when one considers how much energy the state consume to keep all these offices and shopping malls cold each summer. No wonder California has energy crisis each summer. I guess Oregon does not have energy crisis because they do not have as large a population as their southern neighbor.

One step closer to heaven

Our Employment Authorization Cards arrived from INS this Monday. This means we are one more step closer to obtaining our Green Card! Hurray! The interesting thing is that Leah can now, in theory, get any job she wants, while I am still stuck with my current job until the Green Card is issued to me. This should happen around next summer. Even then I may have to fulfill the contractual obligation I have with my company, i.e. stay on for another two years so they can recoup the legal fee. To be honest, I can’t wait till the day I can start looking for a new job. Not that my current employer doesn’t look after me well but my philosophy is not to stay at one job for too long. One can’t get too comfortable, otherwise I will never move up.

Guilty As Charged

Leah and I finally, after over two years, made our way down to the Greenwich Village and had fish and chips in Manhattan. A Salt & Battery is the chippy’s name (clever word play isn’t it?). The place looks pukka and the food, when served, looked good too. Alas, it was not to be, as the batter was way too thin and both the fish and chips were over fried. Not to mention the price we paid for them. All of $24 (almost £15) for couple portions of chips, one fish, and a battered jumbo sausage! Avante-grade fish & chips or what?

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