Change of perspective

Yesterday I've finally decided to apply for a new job, as my current one no longer excites me. In fact, it has been this way for the last 9 months so it has been long time coming. Now that the decision had finally been made I am much more mellow about my current job. Whatever happens in the office, happens.

So far I have not been expanding too much effort on job searching but I did apply for this .Net Application Architect job, which if even I just get an interview, will make my boss jealous to no end.

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Download Squad podcast

As part of the Download Squad blogger team I was honored to be invited to participate in a podcast about my Ubuntu experience, the first of the switcher series on Download Squad. I've already listened to it and think my inexperience as an interviewee shows. I did not sound entirely comfortable and felt rushed in places but I guess it all comes down to practice.

If you spend the time to listen to the podcast, do you think I went into too much technical details about my experience?

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