$14770.70 Cable Bill

Yep, that’s what Time Warner Cable sends in the billing notification email. Apparently HDTV costs and my last month cable bill is fourteen thousands dollars! 🙂

Thankfully for my bank balance, they’ve just sent a correction email with the right amount, $147.70.

Phew, for a few hours I thought I need to sell my kidney to pay for my cable bill!

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Waterfall Software Life Cycle

Best satire site ever!

Waterfall 2006

My favourites

From wordUnit: A Document Testing Framework:

“Writing WordUnit tests in advance of writing documents, also known as Document-Driven Documentation, is a further refinement that leads to even greater efficiency and productivity.”

And from Testing: Saving the Best for Last:

Her most recent article in Better-Defined Software was “If Today’s the Ship Date, I Must Be Done Testing.”

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Game for Golf

My spending plan this year is pretty simple. Save up for Xbox 360, a new Apple laptop (preferably 2nd generation MacBook Pro), and the Rome vacation in the summer. The rest stays in the bank. But since Xbox 360 is in such short supply and I don’t really have time to play the new games on Xbox 360 even if I have one, I haven’t been getting out of my way to get one. My strategy thus far was to wait till either there are stocks on the shelf or online for me to buy, but if the rumours be right I’ll be waiting till spring if not summer.

So when my friend, and golfing buddy, TJ found a good deal on a set of golf clubs I was very interested. They are last year TaylorMade model and were being sold almost 40% off the original price. All the reviews on the net suggest that they are great clubs, plus I already have the sand wedge so I know I like their feel.

With the prospect of the clubs being sold out soon, and Xbox 360 being available eventually, I used the money I earmarked for the Xbox on the clubs! They have already been shipped and will be arriving next Monday. I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer so I can start hitting them on the range!

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Make up your mind Gmail

Gmail seems to be unable to make up its mind. I did not join Gmail at the beginning so I don’t know how it was before, but ever since I joined there has been three changes to the description of the option to delete an email.

First it was “Move to Trash”, then a few months back it changed to “Delete” which I like. Then today it changes again to “Move to Deleted Items”.

I can understand ‘Trash’ not being common terms outside North America but I think “Delete” is pretty obvious what it does. Talk about being verbose…

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