Atom Support or Not? Part II

My development partner, Adriaan, suggested that I join the Atom community and suggest improvement to the Atom API to resolve the issue I have. Sure that would work, if I am so inclined to spend the time and effort in pushing through changes in a project managed by committees! Me, I am the equivalent of regular computer user who is dissatisfied with Windows (and let’s say the Mac as well for sake of argument) and switch to Linux. Would I join the Linux OSS community just because I’ve found a bug in the OS? No, I just want to use the OS, possibly one that works.

Put it in another way, I have a day job developing software for corporation. I then spend my evening time developing my own software for sale. Now, do I really want to spend more time pushing proposal for new features or changes in the Atom API? No.

Put it one more way. How about I concentrate on doing my job which is to develop application, and Atom API developers and service providers (Blogger and TypePad) do their job which is to develop a working API? Yes please…

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