Back in November last year, I read about this Kickstarter project on Uncrate via Flipboard app on my iPad.(I think). I’ve been looking for a waterproof cash container for a while and all the one I can find on Amazon are either too small (designed mainly for medications) or not cool enough, or just not what I am looking for.

The Ti2 Sentinel however, is perfect. It has multiple sizes to choose from in both lengths and diameters. It’s made of titanium so it should be very durable. It’s waterproof so cash or any legal documents should not get wet. And most important of all, the prices are affordable and in exactly the right range for me. Oh and it’s hand-made in USA. What more can one ask?

I pledged my money for a S6M since looking at the schematics I didn’t think the S6S will accommodate cash notes. The S4L will but I want something with large enough diameter to store decent amount of cash. The project owner, Mike Bond, provides detailed updates on the build process, which was very reassuring for the backers like myself. After waiting for 3 months and just a couple of weeks after the original delivery estimate, my S6M arrived yesterday. It is exactly as described in the Kickstarter project. Beautifully handcrafted. The square thread is particularly impressive attention to details. It is definitely something that is “use and forget” which is important as part of the emergency kit.

Ti2 Sentinel in plastic package
In plastic package
Ti2 Sentinel out of the package
Out of package
Dissembled into all three parts
Dissembled into all three parts

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