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Interesting point of view from Alan Graham in his blog Trial and Error. I moved from the UK to the US for the opposite reason. I saw too much entitlements in the UK that I think people sometimes need to be left to fight for themselves.

Plenty of my friends have no ambitious to better themselves because there is no need. Their jobs pay for their basic needs and if they lose the job, the government is going to pay for their living cost. In fact some people decide that living on social security (or the ‘dole’ as we call it in the UK) is the preferred choice. They lack the education or skills to get jobs that pay more than what the government pays them.

It disgusts me when my father-in-law’s live in girlfriend lost her job months ago and only recently try to seek a job seriously. Oh she looked right after she lost her job but apparently none pay as much or as close as she wanted. She could have gotten a lesser pay job in a further away town within a month or so. But no, she waited and searched for more. Only now that her financial situation is such a dire strait that she has to take a job, any job in fact, that she is willing to work for less and travels further.

I believe Alan and I want the same thing, which is some middle ground between his experience and mine. I believe that people should have basic to good medical care and emergency help from the government. But yet, help should not be so substantial or everlasting (or almost everlasting) that one can live comfortable on it without the need to get a job.

iBlog vs. TypePad

As you probably noticed, I’ve added a poll (look to your right) about whether I should stick with iBlog and FTP to my ISP web space, or migrate to TypePad which hosts everything.

Here are the few things I am unhappy with iBlog:

  • Not XHTML compliant
  • FTP not really reliable
  • Need to rely on 3rd party services for things such as polls, comments, etc.
  • Have to blog from my computer

All these things TypePad can provide but of course nothing comes free! TypePad’s fee is pretty reasonable for what it offers, and I can have my own domain name as well as hosting my photo site at the same time. Not to mention the ability to allow me to blog anywhere as long as the computer has a net connection.

The only things that are stopping me right now are costs, both in terms of financial and migration. So vote away or send me comments and let me know which way I should go.


Last Friday night as I was sitting in my assigned seat, waiting for my red eye flight to take off, the flight attendant went through the special safety instruction for the people a few rows in front of me. Basically it said that if there were an emergency, those people has to help open the doors for evacuation over the aircraft wings. Easy right? That was until the flight attendant enquired that any of those passengers spoke english! Two of the passengers apparently did not so they had to swap seats with another two passengers who do speak english.

Huh? Why does one need to know english to know the plane is crash landing and when it finishes crashing, one has to open the damn door so everyone can get out?

At least this incident provided some comic relief for those of us tired bodies that night.


With Leah back in the UK and I just found out I have to travel to my company’s HQ on the west coast for a week, I finally decided that setting VCR and cable box timers are just no fun. So I went and bought a TiVo today.

It is the series 2 – 80 hours version. The 80 hours is a bit misleading as it can only achieve that if I set all my recording using low quality setting. With highest quality, I can get around 24 hours out of it. Still not too bad.

Only took me about an hour to set it up, with me spending 30 minutes just to wire it between cable box, VCR, and the TV. The software setup was a breeze. Same with setting up TV programs to record. Especially with the Season Pass feature, where you just select one show and it can work out and record all the remaining episode for you. Nifty.

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