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Facts or ‘Facts’?

"The video ratings and view counts suggest," the authors write, "the
presence of a community of YouTube users critical of immunization."
This is hardly limited to vaccinations; a quick search for content
based on "Duesberg" pulled up a number of highly rated and viewed
videos that promote his dangerous contention that HIV is a harmless
virus. Find a more prominent area of scientific controversy—say,
evolution or climatology—and it's easy to find a deluge of inaccurate

Via Ars Technica

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Difference of Opinions

Now, please bear with me for a few mathematical facts before I show you this hilarious phone recording. I know being apt in mathematics since a young age means I don't have problem dealing with or visualising fractions and decimals. But I realise other people do so I want to lay out the fact first.

So, the last time I check this equation is true (as in factually true):

$1 = 100 cents

Let's introduce the decimal point just for the sake of it while keeping the same 'truth':

$1.00 = 100.00 cents

Then for argument sake, instead of a dollar on the left hand side of the equation I am going to make it one cent using dollar as the unit:

$0.01 = 1 cent

Still with me? Good. Now comes the crazy parts! Let's make the 1 cent a fifth smaller, like this:

$0.002 = 0.2 cents

Finally I hope if you have followed all of this so far you will agree that:

0.002 dollar is not the same as 0.002 cents

Ok, now listen to this phone conversation between a Verizon customer and the Customer Service representative. It's a bit long (nearly 23  minutes) but I think it's well worth your time.

The worst thing of this is that one of the CSR has the guts to say the difference between dollar  and cent is, and I quote,

"I mean it's obviously a difference of opinion…"

And do visit VerizonMath blog and read more.

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