NASA Chief: Risk Inherent in Shuttle Flight.

Right on! For Michael Griffin.

DUH! To the people who think space flight is routine and safe, and need to be reminded that these brave astronauts know and accept the risk for the betterment of humankind.

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Info Whore

I am the first one to admit it, I am an information junkie. I read everything in front of me, even if it has no relevant to my work, my hobbies, etc. The problem is that there are only so many hours in a day for reading, after taking time to sleep, eat, commute, and work.

I frequent two cell phone forums (HowardForums and My-Symbian.com), one home theater forum (AVS Forum), two news sites (CNN and BBC), and numerious other sites that have no RSS feeds to read. At last count I have 100+ feeds in endo, I am subscribed to three *active* mailing list (6A ProNet, XP Programming, Agile Testing), and regular emails.

And that is just electronics infomation. For paper-based information, I have two weekly magazines (New Scientist and Autosport), one monthly (Home Theater Magazine), and at least one book to read.

Some people (Ok, most) will consider this information overloading. For me, I don’t think I have enough! Given more hours in a day, I’ll gladly read more in-depth news stories, analysis, commentaries, financial information, sports, etc. The list goes on. The more I read the less I feel I know enough. So I get very frustrated when talking to friends who have to inclination to discover what is happening around them, let alone sit down and read. How can they hold an even semi-intelligent conversation, or make informed decision about the environment, personal finance, or the direction the country should take?

Am I the minority who feel this way about the general population?

Week full of sports

First it was the NBA Finals between the Heats and the Mavericks earlier in the week. Then there was the Canadian F1 Grand Prix this weekend. And of course the World Cup matches have been on this last week and continue to the next. It’s heaven!

Both the NBA and the World Cup are on HDTV with the NBA having much better sounds. Come on FOM, bring HDTV to F1! I want to be able to see every bit of decals on the car, every bit of debries on the track. What are you waiting for?

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m4a tags to ID3 tags

One of the great thing about my new E61 is that the built-in music player supports AAC files. So I can play all of my tracks encoded in iTunes. But the one thing the music player can’t do is to read the tags information in the m4a files. It only reads ID3 tags. After some googling, I’ve found this Windows app called mp3tags that copies the tags info in the m4a files into the ID3 tag fields, thus allowing the music player to read and displays them on the screen. But I can’t find any equivalent on the Mac. That sucks! May be it is time for me to dive into XCode and write a tag converter myself!

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