Speedy Service

Leah and I finally got off our collective asses and booked an appointment with the doctor for an examination. This is of course for our Green Card application, and we have to have chest x-ray and may be vaccinations if we can’t prove we have them. Well, we managed to get all these done in just under 3 hours and that included going from the doctor office to another place for the x-ray and back. I can’t really imagine this happening if we were in the UK and have to endure the NHS. I can just see it now; 3 months to arrange an appointment, a whole day just to get vaccination (sorry immunizations), and another month before getting x-ray.

I guess money greases the wheels huh?

Good Old Brighty

This Sunday Leah and I managed to get hold of some tickets to see Johnny English tonight. This is an pre-preview of the movie so we all have to fill in a form and sign away our life or something before going into the cinema.

Anyway, the movie was hilarious! Rowan Atkinson’s performance was spotted on and the humours are not so British that no one in the cinema laughed apart from Leah and me. The car chase scene is particularly funny.

You guys have to go and see it.

Appearance is deceiving

I am sure some of you knew and experienced this already but I am going to moan and bitch anyway. Just had a day full of meetings and tomorrow is another similarly set out day. To my manager I am sure that will look like I am working my ass off to move the project forward. In some sense I am but really I have achieved absolutely nothing today, and expecting the same for tomorrow.

Is this the price for moving up the career ladder? I certainly hope not.

Mall Adventure

Leah and I took the lightrail today to the nearby mall, in search of a hoover. I think this mall is modeled from American Mall Mk II, the one without the ice rink in the middle. Anyway, Macy doesn’t have any. Sear has a great huge hardware section, even with car parts, but no hoovers. So we trekked to the other side of the mall and to JC Penny where we found a small and sad selection of hoovers (5) on sale. We looked at them for about 5 seconds and decided that we will do the right thing. We are going to go home and order one from Amazon.com!

Still, the mall trip is not a complete washout as Leah found out that there is an Accessorize shop in the mall…

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