FIA chooses Bridgestone, Microsoft

Microsoft has been selected to be the official ECU supplier for next season. This give BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) a whole new meaning…

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Terrorist Attack Foiled

By now I am sure a lot of you (at least in the U.S.) had heard about the foiled terrorist attack on L.A. by the U.S. government in 2002. But apparently the CIA didn’t know about it. What I think happened is that Jack Bauer from CTU LA foiled the attack while he was on vacation so no one knew about it.

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$14770.70 Cable Bill

Yep, that’s what Time Warner Cable sends in the billing notification email. Apparently HDTV costs and my last month cable bill is fourteen thousands dollars! 🙂

Thankfully for my bank balance, they’ve just sent a correction email with the right amount, $147.70.

Phew, for a few hours I thought I need to sell my kidney to pay for my cable bill!

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Miss Spellings

I am hoping that someone in the White House anticipated this ironic headline when they decided to nominate the new secetary for the Department of Education. So if Margret Spellings makes a mistake in the future as education secetary, can we call her Bad Spellings or Misspellings?

Halloween Costume Contest

For the first time in my life, I dressed up for Halloween yesterday for a costume contest at work. A bunch of us geek developers decided on Tuesday that it would be cool if all of us dressed up in Star Trek uniform. So we ordered the Deep Space Nine uniforms (the original DS9 uniform, not the new ones introduced in First Contact unfortunately) online with express shipping and they arrived on Thursday. We didn’t win the contest, the prize went to a IT crew member who dressed up as a big baby! Anyway, here is our group photo.

Halloween Costume

Copy Cat

This is a late post but hey, better late than never huh!

So, we all know that Bill and Tony are buddy buddy, but surely Tony didn’t need to copy Bill and had a heart surgery himself as well!

Pauli Exclusion Principle and iPod Mini in a juice bar

Recently a number of Leah’s colleagues, including the owner of the juice bar, have acquired iPod minis. However strange things started to happen with all the iPod minis. First one of the worker lost his iPod when the owner’s iPod was playing in the bar. Then today when another worker iPod was playing, the owner left his iPod in the gym and lost it.

To a trained physicist, there is a simple explaination to this. It is the Pauli Exclusion Principle. In short:

In a closed system, no two electrons can occupy the same state.

Obviously Leah’s juice bar is a closed system where no two iPod minis can be in the playing state at the same time. Simple really!

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