It's been a hard day's night

Good day or bad day?

My nose has been playing games with me since the end of last week. Seems to have same symptom as Adriaan has. Not sure about the cause though.

Worked eleven hours (typical hours for the last four months) today because we have to get the software out of the door by this Friday, but I was the only one developer there after 6:30 p.m. (huh???)

Got home by 8:30 p.m. and able to watch 24.

Found out my hard work wasn’t good enough for some people.

Spent the next three hours working on ecto and gotten nowhere (a case of two steps forward one and a half step backward). So tunnel-visioned into the code that I forgot to re-hydrate myself so now I have a headache.

Meanwhile some of my team members were playing Halo 2 online…

Why in hell do I even bother?

More Moblogging

So I have tried out couple more Palm blogging apps (HBlogger and Vagablog) and I still prefer mo:Blog. Although when I try to post with a picture the first time couple of days ago, mo:Blog throw up error left, right, and centre. No problem at all when I tried again just now.

With HBlogger, it only supports file upload via FTP. Why the hell not via the API? Even though it claims that it supports MT/TP, it doesn’t really. First, you can’t set MT’s properties such as comment, text format, trackback, etc. (mo:Blog can’t do these either. Again, why the hell not if it really support MT’s API?) Then there is the absent of post title support. To me, it looks like HBlogger support the old Blogger API and that is why it can’t do any of these things.

And one more thing… Neither of them support categories properly. HBlogger doesn’t, period. mo:Blog makes you set a category when you set up a blog (see my previous post) but when I actually make a post the category is not set. If that’s all I get then I may as well moblog to TypePad using TP’s email feature. At least I know it works and free.

I am disappointed with what I can find so far. Here I am with a great smartphone/PDA and I can’t even upload my photos along with my blog post unless I have FTP (as is the case with HBlogger) or set categories! Category supports is crucial because I want to set my post category to MoBlog so Technorati will pick it up as tags.

If the next version of mo:Blog support categories properly along with support for MT’s post options, caching blog IDs and categories, ability to edit blog name, etc. I’ll have no problem paying for a license. But for now, I’ll wait.

Packing and Moving

And so the moving day is tomorrow. Leah and I have packed more or less everything bar the bare essentials. Though the definition of bare essentials for us consist of the TV, TiVo, DVD/Hi-Fi, both of our laptops, speakers for the laptops, printer, and DSL/Wi-Fi equipment. And these are just the electronics! We still have all the kitchen stuff and bathroom stuff to be packed away.

Moblogging with Treo

So here is a post made from my Treo using mo:Blog. I like this app a lot, with its support for hi-res screen and html snippets. But the showstopper issue I have with it is its inability to let me choose different category when composing a post. Instead I have pick one catergory during the setup of the blog. WTF??? I won’t be that bad if it caches the category list for offline use but since it doesn’t that mean I’ll have to retreive the list OTA everytime I want to switch.

Treo 650

I’ve finally scrambled to the temptation and bought the Treo 650 last night on my way home from work. The account migration from AT&T to Cingular was very painless and quick, so full marks there for the Cingular Store in Hoboken.

The phone is smaller and lighter than I expected. The size is perfect for my hand, not too large to carry comfortably (like the Clie) or too small so that compromises the screen size.

I’ve never been a fan for thumb board but after using Treo’s thumb board I am very much convinced that it is very quick to use. It helps that the tactile feedback from Treo’s thumb board is excellent, not some soft/mushy keys that some PDA seems to have. And the way the OS with the 5-ways navigation keys make it very easy to use the phone one handed without using the stylus.

The call quality is excellent when compares against my old SE Z600. It can be due to Treo’s quad-bands capability to tap into Cingular’s 850MHz towers whereas the Z600’s tri-bands can only use the 1900MHz band.

No problem with the phone resetting itself, as reported widely in the web. Probably it is because I did a clean hotsync profile so none of the crap I had for my Clie got onto the Treo.

The only thing I wish to be better is AppShelf support for Treo. Right now the AppShelf doesn’t draw the miniPad icons properly as well as some issues with regular icons. I really don’t want to use other launcher such as Zlauncher but if AppShelf will not support the Treo, I guess I’ll have to switch.

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