Forget about the gears

A lot of photographers obsess about their gears. What features their cameras have or not have? How does it compares to another model/make? Which lens is sharper/better than another? A healthy understanding of the capability of the gear you own is crucial to capturing the image you want. But if the pursuit of understanding the gear gets beyond that and it becomes feature-matrix obsession, it is very easy to forget about the point of photography which is to make great photos.

I’ve just hanged up a 16″ x 20″ print of a photo of Lewis Hamilton in the McLaren F1 car. It looks great, doesn’t it? The photo captures the dynamic motion of the car as well as Hamilton working with the steering wheel. Do I buy this from the merchandise stand at the track?

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Cooling down

Missus H. and I ate at a nice restaurant near Square Victoria called Bistro Boris. Believe it or not, the drink she is drinking is a lemonade!

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At the race track

Missus H. waiting for the qualifying session to start. She was wearing a homemade head scarf using her jacket to make sure she didn't get sun stroke!

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