I say Bangalore, you say Bengaluru

After two 8 hours flight from Chicago with Frankfurt in-between, we finally arrived at Bangalore last night around midnight. I was so looking forward to a hot shower and a change of clothes before we got to the baggage claim area and found that our luggage were not loaded onto our Lufthansa's plane in Frankfurt due to the delayed United flight from Chicago. Lufthansa people gave us some money and basic toiletries. Somehow there is a toothbrush in the pack but no toothpaste. There is a small bottle of shampoo but no shower gel or soap.

Our bags won't arrive in Bangalore until Saturday morning so I'll be living in my clothes for another day…

The hotel we are staying reminds me of the one I stayed in Portugal. It
is spacious but bare. I'm sharing the 'apartment' with two other ThoughtWorkers and each of us have our own bathroom which is nice. There is also a kitchen but somehow I don't think we'll be using much of that. There is a DSL line in the apartment but no Wi-Fi so we'll have to schedule when each of us get connected in the evening. After spending two nights in a 5 stars hotel in Chicago it
is quite a contrast but is just fine for two weeks.

Today is just an orientation/induction day so nothing serious yet. Tomorrow there is an organized sightseeing tour around Bangalore but with our bags arriving scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning, I am not sure whether we'll do the tour.

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It’s not as fun as it sounds

Even though this week is my week off between jobs, it won’t all be sleeping in late, watching TV, playing Xbox, and generally doing nothing of importance. There are plenty of tasks I need to complete before I start my three weeks of ‘world tour’.

  • Double check AT&T has turned on international dialing for my iPhone. I trust AT&T as far as I can throw them…
  • Get the living room A/C switch fixed so it will turn off when the switch is in ‘Off’.
  • Buy new business casual clothes. The old ones are, well, old.
  • Order replacement ear stem rubber grip thingy for my Oakley glasses.
  • Pack for three weeks of international travel. At least I only need summer clothes so the bag should be lighter than otherwise.
  • Getting my digital life ready for traveling.
  • Try to fix the broken Kitchen-Aid toaster. It refused to turn on one morning and it has been sitting in the kitchen for the last 3 months(?) It’s dead and not really fixable either. So a new one is required…
  • Get a hair cut
  • Pick up my watch which has been in the shop for battery replacement


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