Another day, another season of "24"

Leah and I had finally finished season 2 of “24” on DVD. Now we can start clearing off the season 3 episodes off my TiVo.

One thing that stands out in season 2 is Kim’s continual stupidity. How does she managed to get a college degree (in CS no less) under three years and starts working for CTU? No wonder her dad needs to save the world, again.

At last, Ron sees that light!

McLaren finally dropped David Coulthard from their drivers line up for 2005! And with Montoya driving for McLaren in 2005, at long last they have someone who not only able to drive the car but race it too!

I think 2005 will be a great season. This will give me at least a year to get F1 on cable. It is not as easy as one would think…

Sad news to close out the year…

The news of the death of the Hong Kong star, Anita Mui, brought back my childhood memory. That is, until I reached the end of that BBC news article and also found that Leslie Cheung, another Hong Kong star during my childhood years, had committed suicide earlier this year! This is just so shocking to me as I grow up with these stars, just like the current generation grow up with Britney, Justin, etc. Not that it is fair comparison as Anita and Leslie were both highly acclaimed singers and actors who won awards through their talents, unlike Britney who can’t sing nor act.

It's in the Sent mailbox

I’ve finally tarted up my resume/CV and sent it out to couple of old contacts today. Let’s hope that one of them will be interested and save me the trouble of a more general job hunting. At least my Green Card application is now fully ‘portable’, meaning my application has been in pending state so long that I no longer ties to my original sponsor/employer. One less obstacle I guess.

Have the lessons been learnt?

With the spread of the BSE widen in the U.S., one question that interests me is whether the U.S. government has learnt from the European experience in the last decade?

Would the USDA continue to deny any risks of infected meat in the food supply (like the U.K. Chief Medical Officer in the 1990)?

Would USDA heeds to the advise of the scientists (unlike the U.K. minister) ?

Would officials of USDA pulls a publicity stunts like the U.K. agriculture minister with his six years old daughter?

More importantly, how long before public realize the magnitude of this discovery and express concerns for their health?

Will there be a boycott of beef products in the supermarket like in Europe? How would this affect the restaurant business, especially steak houses? And what about the cattle industry?

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