My love of glass

This weekend I spent my time assembling new furniture. Leah and I bought a new bookshelf and desk from Crate & Barrel last week using gift certificate I got using my AMEX points (courtesy from my business travels last year).

As I love glass top desk, of course I chose it when I saw that Crate & Barrel has one. And since I have to transfer everything off my existing desk to the new one, I also did a tidy up. Now the printer, which used to occupy the right side of the desk, is under the desk on top of a storage box. This free up the right side so my PC laptop can be placed there. So now I can finally have both computers on the desk and work on them at the same time! Very cool!

Picture of new desk with both laptops

One thought on “My love of glass

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  1. New furniture is so exciting!! I’m so happy for you, you just can’t know my elation. And Crate & Barrel furniture! That’s so fabulous!

    I see that you have the JBL Creature speakers there. Are you happy with them? Any reason that you chose them over Harman Kardon’s Soundsticks? I’m debating over the two… Creature speakers look sleeker, but the Soundsticks get rave reviews from the customers I’ve talked to.


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