I like eXtreme Programming, honest!

My new job involves developing a desktop application for tax related purposes, mainly targeted at multi-national companies. The development team is pretty small right now (6 people plus the CTO). The CTO tries to implement XP (extreme programming for those who mistaken it as Windows XP, the OS) for this project and thus we are encouraged to pair program. (If you have read my previous post about XP, you will see how much I like the whole XP concept!)

However, there is (always) a silver lining to this. To facilitate pair programming, each of us are issued two monitors connect to the PC with dual output video card! So for the very first time in my professional life (or any other life) I have multiple screens/desktops setup! Imagine the amount of desktop real estate I will have (1280×1200 X 2 = 2560×1200)! I can have VS.NET opens in one screen while FireFox and/or Outlook open on the other. And I can move MSDN help off VS.NET into external help and have it displays on the other screen at the same time as my code. Too many possibilities to think of!

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