From P900 to Z600

With my new job vastly different from my last (programming vs. coordinating), my need for the PDA function of a smartphone has dramatically decreased. Now I am more interested in getting an improved cell phone than an all in one smartphone.

I would love to go back to Nokia as I had great experiences with their phones but none of the phones in their current lineup (that works in the U.S., i.e. tri-band) take my fancy. So I turn to Sony-Ericsson again and the Z600 seems to fit my requirements. I especially like the built-in antenna which is one of my primary reason for not liking flip phones.

Despite receiving great reviews (MobileBurn and, none of the U.S. carriers have plans to supply it officially on their network. And with my T68i locking up randomly throughout the day, I am forced (!) to purchase an unlocked Z600 when my first paycheck arrives later on this month.

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