Leah and I took the PATH to the World Trade Center station this afternoon for the movie. Riding from the Exchange Place stop across the Hudson River towards WTC was an eerie experience. The Port Authority has obviously laid completely new tracks because the ride is super smooth, unlike the rest of the route. As we pulled into the WTC station, we were treated with the outside view of Ground Zero. After we got off the train, I was immediately able to recognize the huge escalator banks that used to led to the WTC concourse. They are still at the same location but the space at the top of the escalator is not what it used to be. This, though, brought back all my memory of the WTC and I could see in my mind where each shop was and what they all used to look like. If only I can ‘download’ my memory to preserve it for my offsprings to see and feel. Once we got above ground, it seems like the only original pieces of the WTC left standing now is the escalator/stair case the led from the ground level to second floor of what used be the Border bookstore on the north side of WTC 6. I wonder why it has not be knocked down.

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  1. I saw the openning of the WTC subway line on the BBC news here in the UK…

    Am I the only one who felt like it was rather like walking over someone’s grave? (…Literally…)

    …I suppose in the American psyche visiting this station may some day be akin to someone Jewish visiting ne of the concentration camps…

    I have visited one of the concentratio camps as the feeling is ‘uncomfortable’ to say the least…’Spooky’ just doesn’t cover it…

    If I ever make it to NY, I will undoubtedly visit this place to pay my respects, but it’s not a prospect I would relish in a way ~ I wonder how New orkers feel who have to pass the WTC site everyday?


  2. I walked past WTC frequently (I work in downtown Manhattan) and “uncomfortable” is about right. The people who don’t feel that are those tourists visting the site. Anyone I know who were in Manhattan that day will never feel normal whenever close to WTC.


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