I blame the parents

Tennessean.com article, Will the downloading generation ever pay for online music?, shows that the new generation of net users don’t want to pay for music online.

I don’t have problem with that particularly. I don’t want to pay for a lot of things too. Crappy meal, expensive air fare, designer clothes, etc. But what really make me sad is when those students do not thinking downloading free music is illegal or morally wrong. This is especially when there are alternative offerings such as iTunes Music Store, new Naspter, Rhapsody, Musicmatch, and MusicNet that let you buy on a song by song basis and for nominal price.

Why do these students think stealing music online is acceptable but stealing candy off the shelve is not? Other people (adults included) are making similar arguments for downloading movies online. Stealing is stealing, there is no if or but about it. If you can’t afford it, go without. Being poor doesn’t mean it gives you the right to steal it, however easy it is to steal.

As heavy handed as RIAA lawsuit against music sharers, I have no sympathy for those people who downloaded and shared thousands of tracks because they needs to think about the consequence before taking action. And to take responsibility when you get caught!

Do the parents of these students teach them the rights and wrongs? I am sure they do but may be the fast changing pace of technology catches the parents out. I hope this is the case as the alternative will be a whole generation of “everything should be free” running the world in another 25 years time.

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  1. How in the world did you manage to stumble your way to the Nashville Tennessean or as we like to call it here … “Doctor Gannett’s KrazySecret Test Lab of Mutant McNewsPaperz.” Regardless, I saw this this morning and quite frankly, I wouldn’t have expected the story to read any different. The Muzick industry here still has some suck, as well as the songwriter’s groups and when music gets pirated, the poor schmoe who had 1/5 of a song-writing credit on a on a Faith Hill deep cut is the guy (or girl) who gets screwed the most.

    Regardless, what was surprising was that as long as the story was, there wasn’t even a sidebar about the growth of for-pay music sources like iTunes (I for one am walking around with about $110 in iiTunes on my machine ). Unfortunately, par for the coporate course.


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