At last someone expresses in words what I feel about the American version of Coupling and how unfunny it is. How come American TV producers never learn that British humors do not transfer well across the Atlantic when they are not played out by British actors? Advise to anyone who are remotely interested in Coupling: buy the DVD and watch the British version.

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  1. …This is one of my favourite rants…

    As well as ruining classic British movies – like ‘Get Carter’ & ‘The Italian Job’ – US media have a long history of capital crimes against British comedy shows…

    Anyone read this that’s old enough to remember ‘Dear John’? Hillarious acidic humor, turned into sour mush…Not even the addition of Judd Hirsch (from ‘Taxi’) in the lead could save this pathetic attempt…

    Oh…And it doesn’t stop at comedy – remember what they did to ‘Cracker’?

    …I better stop now before I start to froth at the mouth!


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