As I was doing an inventory of my belongings before I left the office this evening, I realized how absurd the amount, in value, of things I take with me everyday. Here are the usual suspects:

1. Cellphones (one for work, one for personal)
2. PDA
3. iPod
4. Leather briefcase (to carry all these things in)

As well as these, my other valuables include my wallet, watch and glasses. And this is on a day when I am not taking my work laptop with me.

If you tell someone on the street that you are carry more than $1000 in cash on you, that person will say you are nuts! Not so if that $1000 is converted into gadgets and clothes/jewelries. It’s a crazy world we live in.

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  1. I hear you. But what’s really crazy is that you have to carry so *many* devices, when one or a few should be able to keep you organized and connected. Here’s to better convergence!


  2. Well, at least when you get the Sony Ericsson P900, you can combine your PDA and cell phone into one device. And, you won’t necessarily need your iPod anymore either.

    (Not that you’d ever want to give up your iPod — iPods rock!)

    I like how the contents of my purse (iPod, cell phone, car stereo faceplate, makeup) are worth more than my car itself.


  3. Yep, and I am planning to ditch the work cellphone once I have the P900 so I am combining 3 devices into one! No way I am replacing my iPod 🙂


  4. I think it’s the caddisfly that builds a house for itself using, essentially, bug spit and little sticks. Looking at your list and my own grossly overburdened bag, I feel like that bug, carrying my whole life around on my back. That’s why I’ve committed myself to not purchasing a new phone or a new pda until i can combine the two.


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