Panther gripes

After using Panther normally for a day, so far I’ve found a few things that annoy the hell out of me. None of them are Apple’s own fault, mind you. They are all third party software that has not been updated for Panther.

1. Mouse scroll wheel support. With my Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer driver installed. I can use all five buttons. But the scroll wheel does not scroll whole page. It can only scroll lines. The driver software suddenly does not offer the option to change either! Strange.

2. Safari Enhancer is not Panther compatible. This means I haven’t been able to remove the link underlining in Safari. My eyes are just not used to seeing underline on links after so many years of not seeing them.

Apart from these two, I think Panther is one of the best OS I’ve used so far.

Update: I’ve found out how to get page scrolling with the MS mouse driver. Apparently if I set the vertical scroll speed option to fastest it equals to page scrolling! How confusing!

Update 2: Safari Enhancer has been updated to be Panther compatible so no more underlined links!

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  1. You’re so picky, hehe. I’m positively giddy with it. I went to work last night, even though I wasn’t scheduled, just so that I could join the party of mac addicts awaiting panther’s arrival. Then, at work today, I was giddy again just showing off all the features to all the new little mac addicts. So very cool.

    Yay for the return of color labels!
    And, woot for easier networking (printing, networkings with windows machines, whathaveyou — all tres cool).
    And, yay for exposé.
    And, yay for fast user switching.

    Oh wow. I could go on and on. Yay for Apple.


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