Independence Day

Today of course is America’s Independence Day. My friend Paul sent me an email wishing me a happy Independence Day with a tongue in cheek comment of “Down the British!”. This reminds me of one of the most ironic photo I’ve ever taken in my life.

In May 2001, Paul paid me a visit and we were on a weekend trip to Boston. We visited all the tourist sites and one of them is the Boston Team Party Ship & Museum! So we did all the usual stuff, listened to the tour guide dressed in costume, etc. Then for the finale, someone from the tour can reenact the throwing of the tea overboard. Of course Paul volunteered himself and acted with great skills and very much into the moment. Me as the photographer had captured the moment for prosperity. The irony comes from the fact that he is a Brit, working at the time for Her Majesty Government’s Inland Revenue, reenacting the act that was caused by the unfair taxation by the then British government.

Of course when I mentioned this interesting fact to the rest of the tour, none of the ‘locals’ seemed to get the irony.

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