Divorce by TiVo?

The discussion thread in the TiVo forum makes interesting reading. In there, a husband describes how his wife refuses to delete recordings on their 80 hours TiVo. Recordings that she admits she does not have time to watch. Numerous suggestions are given by other forum users, ranging from upgrading the hard drive in the TiVo, to getting a second TiVo, to finally get rid of the wife!

To me, his wife sounds very selfish to me. It would be OK if the TiVo is for her own use only and thus how much space left on the TiVo does not really affect any other members of the family. But since it is for the whole family to use, she should take other people needs into consideration.

Leah and I do not have this problem, yet. May be never will, since we tend to buy the DVDs for shows/movies that we would like to keep anyway. For TV series, what’s the point of recording them if you know in advance you won’t have a chance to watch it? Logical, but then again a lot of people nowadays lack logical sense.

If only Star Trek is true and I can be a Vulcan…

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