Tea for 3?

T3: Rise of the Machine exceeds my rather low expectation. You have to ask yourself, how much more plot line you can squeeze out of the Terminator franchise? Well, after watching T3 last night, I would have to say a fair amount.

The movie does not have the directorial flair of James Cameron but it is action packed. Arnie has a good number of one liner and delivers with great timing. The movie, though good on its own, really requires the audience to be familiar with the Terminator story background to fully appreciate Nick Stahl’s (who plays John Connor) performance.

The female terminator, T-X, was kind of a disappointment. Morphing was all the rage in the 90’s but nowadays, I probably can do the same thing with relative easy using a powerful desktop (like the G5). I feel that the screen writers should have came up with something more off the wall for T-X.

The ending is wide open as many reviews have mentioned but personally I think it is a much better ending than T2. John Connor finally accepted his destiny at the end and the realization of the inevitable resonance with me. Perhaps the events of the last two years in real life influence how one feels with the end of world looms large.

Sequel is definitely a possibility. May be the sequel will tell the human struggles against the machines with John Connor leading his band of human, up to the point where he meets his future (or is it past) father?

All in all, a very entertaining action/Sci-Fi movie. Especially after the underperforms Matrix: Reloaded.

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