Information Blackhole

Despite podcasts being on the interweb for at least 7 years, many of my friends (some are tech savvy, some not) are still not utilizing this really useful medium. Even for those who listen to podcasts, they only have around 1 or 2 in their iTunes podcast subscriptions list. Am I the only person in my social group who listen to more than 2 podcasts?

Here is the list of podcasts that I subscribe to. Perhaps you'll find your podcasts in it?
Similarly, RSS feed has been around for a long time and most of my friends are still not using it to consume news or websites. Currently I subscribe to 59 RSS feeds. Am I just more efficient at consuming news or am I just an information junkie?

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  1. I have seriously dropped off on the podcasts I listen to. I used to listen to Leo's This week in tech all the time – but no longer. When RDM actually posts BSG podcasts, I'll listen to those as well. Do Opie & Anthony count? perhaps not.

    My current abreviated stable includes: BSG, Jake & Amir, Diggnation, Totally Rad Show, Tiki Bar TV & Tekzilla. I've just now added Security Now & may think about one of the MacBreaks…I've recently trimmed my RSS feeds in Newsgator to about 30, Google reader to a concise 8, and another 2 dozen or so as live bookmarks in Firefox.


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