Information Blackhole

Despite podcasts being on the interweb for at least 7 years, many of my friends (some are tech savvy, some not) are still not utilizing this really useful medium. Even for those who listen to podcasts, they only have around 1 or 2 in their iTunes podcast subscriptions list. Am I the only person in my social group who listen to more than 2 podcasts?

Here is the list of podcasts that I subscribe to. Perhaps you'll find your podcasts in it?
Similarly, RSS feed has been around for a long time and most of my friends are still not using it to consume news or websites. Currently I subscribe to 59 RSS feeds. Am I just more efficient at consuming news or am I just an information junkie?

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Back online, phew!

I posted way too soon! I decided to get out of bed after sending previous post from my cell phone, and when I walked to the living room I noticed that the DVR was showing the correct time. Strange, I thought so I turned it on and it showed channel 2! I quickly turned on the TV and sure enough we had TV back but only basic cable channels. Knowing that it may be a provisioning problem at the head-end, I rebooted the DVR and couple of minutes later all the channels were back! Same with the cable modem after a reboot!

Thank the maker! I can't imagine going through the weekend without any internet connection.

Now I am stuck in a phone queue with Comcast…

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Life line

For a 21st century family like us, internet connection is just part of life's essential services. So when we lost connection to the online world around 7:40 last night, we didn't know what to do with ourselves with all these 'free' time!

Time Warner didn't think it's an area problem and the earliest they can send an engineer out to check is next Wednesday! We would have moved out for a day by then so that's rather pointless!

And with our ongoing problem with signing up with Comcast @ our new apartment, we may not get TV and internet for at least another week!

How would we survive?

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