Honeymoon is finished

I wasn't surprised the FIA double standard and the British press have finally came out in force after this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix. What I am surprised is it took both of them this long before slamming the winning team that is not Ferrari, and any one who stands in the way of a British driver to win a race even if it benefits the whole British team over the whole season!

I still love F1 as a sport. I am even less hostile to Ferrari nowadays because one certain M. Schumacher is no longer driving for them. But the irrationality and viciousness of the British press will never fail to keep me away from that country.

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2 thoughts on “Honeymoon is finished

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  1. Not entirely sure what you mean by this (are you in favour of the FIA and press having a go, or not?), but the way I see it (oh, by the way, I too am a huge F1 fan….) is that the orders by Dennis DID ruin a great race. Hamilton was clearly the faster driver towards the end of the race and if the place wasn't Monaco, I think he would have had Alonso if he were allowed. What conspired was a number of things. Dennis thought early on that 1) he doesn't want the situation where both of his cars could go off if they tussle it out 2) does he really trust Hamilton in a situation like that to keep his head? 3) if he doesn't, then he could only see money going up in smoke if he let them slug it out and it went wrong 4) Alonso is by FAR the biggest earner in the team and Dennis realises that there is a possibility that his star driver could well be eclipsed by the rookie 5) if this happens, then they are paying someone who, on the part of the season, will almost be a waste of money and Dennis, in that respect is very shrewd 6) if Alonso won, it would keep parity with Hamilton and in the long term, he realises that McClaren are the best team on the grid by quite some margin at the moment and its going to be hard to see them get beaten over the course of the season 7) if this is the case, going back to point 6, if there is parity or near parity between the two McMerc drivers nearer the end of the season, then there is more likely to be MUCH more publicity, media coverage etc etc and therefor more exposure for his team as everyone will be interested in a title shoot out between the undisputed master and the rookie. What a story!!!
    I am certainly not saying that Dennis thought all this out before the race, but a combination, or all of these things, certainly have a factor in this weekends race and how it was "conceived". Even with a possible rule breach, Dennis wins, every way. And as we already know, he is very, very ruthless. I am sure that Hamilton will pull rank most of the time, but I feel that even Dennis realises that he has to "time" it right to let him off the leash and just let him race. When that happens, watch out for fireworks, cos its going to be spectalar……….
    Still think they should get done for ruining a good race though……maybe not points deducted or anything like that. Would spoil the championship. Maybe a large fine or something……..I wait to hear the outcome………


  2. I favour neither. Team strategy (note, I am not using order) was most likely what had happened. And as much as I hate not seeing Hamilton raced Alonso in Monaco, I prefer to see both of them on the podium as a team. Why is it not OK for McLaren to do this but entirely fine for Ferrari in the last, what?, ten years?F1 is either a sport or a show like NASCAR, we can't have both. I would like to see more overtaking and strategy and a team winning the championship by merit than crashes between team mates and punch up in the pitlane…


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