Motorsport Photography Workshop at Lime Rock Park

Two weeks ago I attended the Motorsport Photography Workshop at the Lime Rock Park. It was a 2-days workshop with professional instructors (Rick Dole, George Tiedemann and Robert Laberge) leading a class of around 40 students. I actually learnt of it last year but the date clashed with our weekend at the US Open Tennis. This year I signed up for the workshop the moment I received the email alert. I, however, did not sign up for the full 2-days course, only attending the first day. The workshop used the Ferrari Challenge weekend as the source of racing action to teach us how to take action photography, involving head-on shots, panning sideways, compositions, interacting with mechanics and drivers in the pit lane/paddock, etc.

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More from Max, hypocrite, Mosley

From Autosport:

Mosley has continued to deny that he dislikes Dennis, but does admit to having issues with the McLaren boss' approach to F1.

"I quite like him," he said. "But I do despise – I think that's
probably the right word – his attitude to Formula One, when he says,
for example, that he's passionate about Formula One. That's not true.

"He's passionate about McLaren finishing first and second in every
race, which is his job, but it's not the same thing as being passionate
about formula one and it's foolish to pretend that it is."

So Max's version of "passionate about F1" is to "give Ferrari every possible advantage so every other F1 teams have to work extra to win"?

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How can Formula One justify blatant double standards?

Excellent article from Martin Brundle on Sunday Times. I just cannot believe how arrogant Max Mosely is behaving all these years and no one would stand up to him? I dearly love F1 and have been following it for over 20 years and despite being the most exciting racing last season, I feared the muddling and politicking of Max Mosely had damaged F1's image in the general public beyond repair. 

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Honeymoon is finished

I wasn't surprised the FIA double standard and the British press have finally came out in force after this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix. What I am surprised is it took both of them this long before slamming the winning team that is not Ferrari, and any one who stands in the way of a British driver to win a race even if it benefits the whole British team over the whole season!

I still love F1 as a sport. I am even less hostile to Ferrari nowadays because one certain M. Schumacher is no longer driving for them. But the irrationality and viciousness of the British press will never fail to keep me away from that country.

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