Day of upgrades

Eiron and I took a late flight to Houston, Texas last night for a friend's wedding. We landed at around 11PM and when we got to the car rental agent, we were first offered the SatNav (which I happily accepted) and then an upgrade from the intermediate size car to full size (which I declined). The agent gave me the car upgrade for free anyway so that was nice! (I generally hate American car but this Chrysler 300 Touring is pretty nice, for an American car! Handling pretty good for its size, and the engine and transmission is sporty.)

Then when we got to the hotel, it turned out that they were fully booked and there was no room for us. Apart from the president suite, that is! So we were upgraded to the president suite for our stay which we find out is about 20 times what we paid for our room. The suites is bloody huge! There are living room, conference room, two bathrooms, bedroom, and even a small kitchen!

Now all we need is for Continental to upgrade our return flight to NY…

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  1. Don't you love just love free upgrades?
    I think the car is more pleasing to drive as we have them in the Europe too, so finally an American car company has realised how a car should drive in order for it to be succesful in the UK and Europe.


  2. The things that I don't like about the car are the light steering (even at high speed), and the not supportive seats despite the 'Touring' moniker.


  3. I was on a business trip this week, in Glasgow and missed out on my usually club suite because the hotel was full ;-( I'm not sure about the Chrysler 300. It got an absolute thumbs down on the UK Top Gear programme (Part 1) , Part 2 of the show. When I see them I always think they stole the body shape from Bentley or Rolls Royce – What do you think? What do you think to Continental, I've always tried to avoid them trans-atlantic because they only use 757's. No seatback Tv's……


  4. Oh no, don't get me wrong. The 300 Touring is good for an American car, and about average for an European car. And Chrysler definitely store the look from Bentley which I am indifference too.


  5. Yeah Virgin are ok. I am really looking forward to checking out Virgin America at some point in the future, the aircraft they are getting look fantastic. The other 3rd British Airline flying transatlantic, which is pretty cool, flies out of Vegas and Chicago, British Midland (BMI). However, they only fly into Manchester in the North Of England…but saying that the North of England is the best part of England..I am a bit one sided though in that debate.


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