Day of upgrades

Eiron and I took a late flight to Houston, Texas last night for a friend's wedding. We landed at around 11PM and when we got to the car rental agent, we were first offered the SatNav (which I happily accepted) and then an upgrade from the intermediate size car to full size (which I declined). The agent gave me the car upgrade for free anyway so that was nice! (I generally hate American car but this Chrysler 300 Touring is pretty nice, for an American car! Handling pretty good for its size, and the engine and transmission is sporty.)

Then when we got to the hotel, it turned out that they were fully booked and there was no room for us. Apart from the president suite, that is! So we were upgraded to the president suite for our stay which we find out is about 20 times what we paid for our room. The suites is bloody huge! There are living room, conference room, two bathrooms, bedroom, and even a small kitchen!

Now all we need is for Continental to upgrade our return flight to NY…

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11 and 4

11 – prime number, and the whole number after 10 and before 12. But it is also the number of years eiron and I have been together. Bloody hell! That's a long time!

4 – even number, and unlucky in Chinese. It is also the number of years we have been married.

This week is anniversary week for eiron and I. Tonight we are going to Alfama for dinner. eiron even declared last night that she would be having not only a cocktail before dinner, but also a glass of port, and coffee afterward! We'll see about that.

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No Rest For The Wicked

Busy week this one…

  • Tuesday – See A Scanner Darkly, still trying to read as much of the book as possible before seeing movie.
  • Wednesday – Softball game for me, hairdresser for Leah
  • Thursday – Haircut for me before the weekend. Leah's work summer party. Wine tasting or something. WooHoo, I feel so sophisticated… NOT!
  • Friday – Day off work. Flying to Denver, CO for a friend wedding this Sunday. BBQ at bride's mother house in the evening.
  • Saturday – Round of golf with my friend and his family.
  • Sunday – Wedding.
  • Monday – Fly back to NYC.

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