Surpise of the week

As with every payday Friday, I woke up two days ago and went to check on my bank account on the net. Sure enough my paycheck had been deposited but when I double checked with Quicken, I noticed there was more than a few hundreds dollars extra this time. I thought the stupid HR has screwed up and somehow forgot to take out some deductibles; perhaps my 401k, or my health plan. But I didn't pay much attention (punt not intented) to it as I would find out when they handed out the payslip in the afternoon.

I didn't get the chance to find out though. Mid-morning, my immediate boss took me to the meeting room (the very same office that the director of development vacate not so long ago, we turned it into our meeting room) and informed me that I had been promoted to senior manager and along with that, a pay rise which, of course, explains the extra money in the paycheck!

So I guess I'll have to actually put more effort into my work, administrative-wise, since they are paying extra for it! 😀

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