And we have a winner

After watching these two videos about web browsing in Nokia E61 smartphone (larger photos here), my mind was made on getting that as my next cell phone. How slick is that thumbnail/bird eyes view? And with Wi-Fi, I can surf the net for free at home or anywhere else that has open Wi-Fi hotspot.

The only grey area is synchronisation. Apple’s iSync does not officially support E61 (yet) but since the phone uses Symbian Series 60 OS and iSync is already working for other S60 phones, that means it is possible to get iSync to work with E61. After some googling, I’ve found references to a iSync plug-in for the E61 from Germany so there is hope. Also, with 10.5 (Leopard) around the corner, Apple may update iSync to support E61 anyway.

No it would not have the same push email capability as a Blackberry but my emails are not time critical so periodic pull will do just fine. It does have ActiveSync so I can get peusdo-Push email from work if I really want to.

The other negative point is that since this phone is designed for Europe, its 3G frequency (WCDMA 2100) band will not work with Cingular’s new 3G HSDPA network (WCDMA 1900). Not that I would pay the early adaptor premium anyway so by the time the price has dropped to reasonable level, I will probably be using a even newer phone.

Of course, there are many good points too and they are what bring me back to Nokia. Built-in document editing means I don’t have to install or purchase a separate application just to work on documents. A actual good OS that is built for smartphone and able to multi-task and has protected memory, unlike the PalmOS, means easy to work with and less chance of random resets. And it comes with a media player that plays AAC file! Another app that I don’t need to pay for.

Now I just need to save up and have Nokia to release it officially.

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4 thoughts on “And we have a winner

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  1. And my emails are time sensitive?

    Come to think about it my mum does get snippy when I don’t respond to her email straight away….i can imagine her sat in the living room hovering over her laptop…waiting for my opinion on the latest episode of America’s Next Top Model (as if there weren’t enough stroppy skinny people on telly already) or House.


  2. Don’t sweat the Sync, my friend, it’s easy to hack.

    I made the E61 work with iSync in about 10 minutes… instructions on how-to are here.



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