5 Reasons why I am not going Blackberry yet

I got Leah a Blackberry last X’mas and so I have been able to see how well its emailing capability works. I am tempted to switch from my Treo 650 to the Blackberry 8700c later in the year when my contract is up for renewal. But there are still a few things that are stopping me from switching over:

  1. Expensive solution for document editing. The Treo comes with DocumentToGo 7 for free whereas the Blackberry comes with nothing. And the cost of a DTG equivalent for BB is at least twice the price, sometime three times.
  2. Inadequate PIM support for the Mac. PocketMac for Blackberry is now free but it is severely lacking in features. No sync over Bluetooth, no application loader, does not use Tiger Sync Service. I am hoping that Mark/Space (maker of Missing Sync) will develop a version for Blackberry.
  3. No camera. Granted I don’t use it that often but when I need a camera, it is there on the Treo. I’ll definitely miss the ability to take photos on the go and email them to Flickr.
  4. No music player. Even though I have an iPod already it would be handy for occasion where I won’t want to carry a phone and an iPod, such as listening to podcasts. AAC support is a must since most of my tracks are encoded in AAC. MP3 support will be nice too.
  5. And… there is no #5.

Having said that, I am impressed by the base level of functionality of the Blackberry OS. Scheduled alarms, profiles, etc. are all built-in whereas they are optional and sometimes cost extra on the Treo.

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